The Porirua region is known for developing some of the best athletes. The the CrossFit Porirua Kids & Teens Programme is designed to get them there! 

Growing up in the Porirua area, sports and fitness had a massive impact on us, and as we get older, its easy to see the immense benefits it has on the community. Whether it's lacing up the footy boots, shooting hoops, or max burpees for time, we want our youth to keep active!

Designed to develop the next generation, our qualified coaches promote health, fitness and nutrition while having fun learning new skills 

Keep Fit & Active

Health & fitness is incredibly important for our youth. The CrossFit Porirua Kids & Teens Programme teaches aspects of health, fitness, nutrition and sportsmanship.

Have Fun

Our professionally built programme is designed not only to be effective , but also to be tonnes of fun.

Developing Health and Fitness for our Youth


For All Sports

The CrossFit Porirua kids & teens programme will help you children improve in all areas of their chosen sport and fitness

CrossFit Porirua is proud to have partnered up with KiwiSport and Sport Wellington to deliver CrossFit to the youth of Porirua, Tawa and the Northern Suburbs. Through CrossFit Porirua Kickstart our coaches travel to local schools to teach the importance of health and fitness.