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Discover the home of CrossFit in Porirua. We are more than just a gym, we are a tight-knit community of coaches and members who are there to cheer you on. Get started today with a Free Trial Class and you'll find more than just friends, you'll find family.







Joining a gym can be a tough decision. But we are here to  support you in your fitness goals, years from now you will look back on this moment and know it was the best decision you ever made. When you found more than a place to workout, you found a family! CrossFit Porirua is here to support you every step of your fitness journey. When you step into our facility for the first time you’ll find that our community of inspiring coaches and members are invested in your journey from day one.

We Are More Than A Gym.

We Are Family.

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We’ve got the perfect class for you regardless of your current experience or fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because at CrossFit Porirua we’ve raised the bar for functional training with unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout. Whether you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world or you’re just interested in getting a great sweat in for 45 minutes…we’ve got you. At CrossFit Porirua, we do things different. Our wide range of classes are all included within your Unlimited Membership. 

CrossFit is 60 minutes of high intensity training at it’s best. Workouts combine functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to powerlifting and olympic lifting. CrossFit is a fitness program for everyone (regardless of age or ability) who is interested in improving fitness. CrossFit provides immediate, noticeable, and positive results.


Our High Intensity Interval Training classes are high energy 45 minute classes that blends a fast-paced cardio workout with high intensity interval and resistance training.

 This class is perfect for anyone looking for a non-stop, action-packed 45 minutes of exercise, without the heavy weightlifting and high skill gymnastics movements.

Porirua Barbell Club is the only OWNZ affiliated club in Porirua. We are dedicated to teaching and guiding you to develop the skill of Olympic weightlifting as well as other lifting movements. Whether you are a seasoned lifter wanting to compete or just wanting to give it a go, PBC is the place for you. 


Designed to develop the next generation of athlete; we promote health, fitness and nutrition while having fun learning new skills. CrossFit Kids is a once per week class that promotes the importance of staying active. CrossFit Teens is offered three times per week and teaches the skills needed to excel in sports and fitness.


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Nat Luka

Going from little to no exercise and overweight I felt a sense of welcoming and friendliness from the second I walked in the door. Crossfit was something I never would have done and definitely out of my comfort zone and to be honest I wanted to quit after my second class but the trainers made me feel good in myself and the steps I had taken to get back into shape. It's still a long road one that I know isn't going to be easy but the trainers and the crossfit community make it easy for me to feel unjudged and are constantly rooting for me. So do I recommend crossfit Porirua. Yes Definitely.

Fitness at its finest! Great skill coaching for all levels, with an unbelievable variety of exercise. You give it heaps, work out hard, compete with others and mostly yourself. Most importantly, there is always lots of laughs, banter, and good times.

Rob Cheyne

Easy going, relaxed environment and an awesome place to train! Everyone is super welcoming, great support from the coaches and members, a real sense of community here

Ash Evans

It's the people that make a crossfit box great, and the people at Crossfit Porirua certianly go out of their way to do that. The epicness of coaching and administration staff, right through to all of the members make the extensive facilities here all the more awesome. Go CFP!

Brendon Tod